Classes & Workshops

Adult Classes

Several blocks of adult classes are run throughout the year (usually over 6 to 8 weeks). Adult classes in both wheel throwing and hand-building pottery are offered to the public or members wishing to refresh their skills. These classes are conducted by experienced members of our club.

We have expression of interest sheets on the counter in the club room for people to put their name down or you can contact the club and your details will be passed on to the relevant instructor. Fees do apply and clay, glazes and firing are usually included.

If you attend the adult classes you need to bring a bucket with lid for “slops”, an old towel, an apron if you have one handy, some rudimentary tools (which the instructor can advise you on how to make or source) and your sense of adventure! For those of us who have never played with clay, it is a very tactile experience and your first creation on either the wheel or with hand-building will give you a sense of satisfaction to see what you were able to achieve in such a short time-frame.

For more information about adult wheel classes and to contact Tricia, please visit Tricia Greinke Pottery. You may also wish to check out Tricia’s potter profile.

For information regarding adult classes presently being offered by Ruby or to contact her, please visit Pick-A-Pot Pottery.

Kids Classes

Throughout the year, usually during the school holidays, we offer classes for school-aged children. The kids can participate in themed and hand building workshops such as circus, Mexican and Australiana, where they make and decorate both functional and fun pieces. Contact the club for more information. Fees do apply and clay, glazes and firings are included. Kids should wear old clothes that can get dirty.

For information regarding classes presently being offered by Ruby, please visit Pick-A-Pot Pottery.

For information regarding classes presently being offered by Gail, please visit Gail Black Pottery.


Each year the club arranges and hosts a number of workshops. The workshop instructors are either visiting professional potters engage by the club or experienced members with a particular speciality. Fees usually apply to workshop participation.

Members, if would like to see a workshop by a particular potter or on a particular topic or technique, don’t forget table it (in person or through a friend) at a club meeting. We always value contributions and fresh inspiration.

Play Days

The club also organised “play days” for members throughout the year, where members get together to experiment as a group with techniques, particular consumables or new equipment.